Thursday, September 27, 2012

Layout Love Linky - September 2012

Here we are again at the end of another month. And, that means it is time for Layout Love Linky! What's this, you ask? Layout Love Linky is a place for us all to say, "hey! look at this! I made it and I love it!" I use this as a place to post layouts from the month that aren't getting their own blog post. You know... so they don't feel left out. But, if you have a project you love and you want it to get more love... link up! We are not limited to layouts, anything goes. And, there are even surprise prizes each month. YAY!

Did you win some fun goodies for linking up last time? You will have to scroll to the end to find out.

But, in the mean time... let's get on with it, shall we? This month's edition of Layout Love is a bit different. I had the great thrill of guest designing for Gauche Alchemy and Skissedilla during the month of September! I haven't blogged much about that yet, so this Layout Love is a rundown of the fun projects I got to do for both of these sites. Also, you can click on any project to be taken to it's original post on said guest blog :)

First up, we have Gauche Alchemy. If you haven't heard of them before, you are seriously missing out! They are a mixed media kit club and store full of all kinds of little treasures that you just can't get elsewhere. I worked from the ACME Kit and created the following scrappy storm:

 (The layout below appeared in their monthly newsletter, so it is not clickable)

See that tag above? It truly sums up my experience with this kit. After opening my mind to these different materials and just giving it a try, I found out that I loved it! And, in fact... the winner of August's Layout Love will receive this tag along with their happy mail. YAY!

Now, on to Skissedilla. I hadn't even heard of this sketch site when I was asked to play along with them for September, but after a quick look... I knew I was in for some fun. You must check out their sketches. They are fabulous!

Here we go...

There is actually one more that has yet to go up on their blog, so be sure to check that out at Skissedilla on Sunday. And, I do hope you will play along with the sketch challenge too. They give away prizes each week!

Now, who won last month's Layout Love? The random winner is EMILY! Look at her fun camera layout. I love the sun burst and the way she used the camera in the title. Way to rock it out Emily! I have sent you an email and will get your goodies out ASAP.

Guess what she will get in the mail with that tag? This awesome flair! A gift from me. And, you know what is so fun? I had this happy mail picked out before I knew that she was the winner. It was meant to be! Look at all the cute camera action.
Now, if you haven't checked out all of the other gorgeous link-ups from last month, you must! We had some awesome entries:
I can't tell you how much I enjoy going to all of the link-ups. You guys are all so inspiring! Remember, all you need to do to be eligible for next month's random drawing is link up a favorite project and link back to Purple Mailbox. Easy Peasy! 

I love seeing all your creations and I do hope they are getting some extra love. So, go ahead and link-up below. I wonder what next month's prize will be? Any requests? Tee Hee...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ready, Set, Go, Punch.... Scrap!

Look at my new goodies!!! YAY! That's all that really needs to be said...
Let's SCRAP!
Ready, Set, Go....
I have a lot of photos here, so a two pager is in order. Shocked? Me too. See what new patterned paper does to me?
 Let's break in those new stamps:
 GASP! I am in love....
Perhaps some white stamping? The lady who demoed this for me at the store made it look so easy. I can never get it to work. Maybe today is my lucky day?
 OK, that would be a no. Moving on...
 Bringing out the big guns. Embossing powder:
 That's what I'm talkin' about!
 Oh yeah! Loving it. But, those photos are covering up so much of my pretty house action. Maybe if I trim a little off of each one...
 There we have it! A subtle difference, but I can see more cute houses :)
This paper makes my heart skip a little beat. Yes, I know I have issues. But really... look at the pen lines on it! Pen lines, people!
 Oh yes.... LOVE that!
 Look at all the punchy goodness...
 And the off cuts aren't bad either. I will save those for another day...
 Time for some layering action, with a good foundation of washi:
 Here we go...
 Looking nice, but let's kick it up a notch... there is no reason to be shy here...
 There we have it!
 Now for some circular elements to break up all those lines:
First, I was thinking of cutting out each little pie chart guy, but after a go at that, I realize that without it's white background this little pie guy looses something...
 So, on to the big circle:
 Layering about:
 And now for some larger blocks of paper to help break up all the little details:
 Title time!
 And now for some little banner details:
 With miniature black pom poms, of course:
 And after I futzed with all the little bits a details for a while.... here we have it:
 Hello 2012.... NEW year...
NEW roof!
Yep, there is a lot going on with this layout. But, honestly... it's a layout with pictures of a roof. Not. Very. Exciting. With that in mind, I threw caution to the wind and had lots of fun!
Hello cute little banner:
Goodbye September. I figured I should close this month out with a bang. A bang of lots of little bits on a giant 2-pager. But, I still have a little more in me for this moth. In fact, I will be back on Friday with the September edition of Layout Love Linky. By the way, there is still one more day left to enter. One lucky random participant will get some surprise happy mail. I will give you a hint... it has lots of "flair." Hope to see you then!

Monday, September 24, 2012

In Flight With Some Sparkle!

Glitter, Bling, Sparkle... Oh yes, I love it all! In my little world, sparkle is a bit like bacon... everything is just better with it :) Luckily, this week, Simon asked me to play with my bling. I hope you will too. After all, there is a $50 gift card to up for grabs! Head on over to Simon Says Stamp and Show for all the details.

So, what did I do with sparkle this week? Well, I pretty much found every little bit of what I had and stuck it on my layout. Let's see how that came together, shall we?

With my photo at the ready and some gorgeous papers from Basic Grey, I am set...
 Set to scrap!
After my strips of patterned paper are down, I bit of adhesive tape is applied in strips:
 Likey so:
And then, some glitter is smooshed on. Now, I realize that many of you are getting a bit twitchy just looking at this glittery mess... However, I promise it is not too bad! With the adhesive tape grabbing most of it, the rest is just dusted off and it's no biggie...
 See? Pretty!
 A soft bristle paint brush helps get any remaining flecks off of my photo:
 Now, we fussy cut!
 And place it about:
 Coming together...
 Stickle time!
 Squeezed out in glittery little lines:
 A bit of title work:
 And some pen work:
 Oh, and we mustn't forget the sequins!
 Ooooooh, pretty!
 Lots of glittery goodness!
And there we have it...
In Flight! I love how the sparkly page echoes the sparkly light in this sweet photo:
Too much sparkle? Nah, there is no such thing!

So, get some sparkly action going in your crafty life this week and link up with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. I can't wait to see what you make! If you would like to try your hand at some of the sparkly goodness I used, a complete supply list is below: (affiliate links used)

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