Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hop On Into Some No Pressure Scrapping!

Happy Easter and welcome to the April 1st Easter blog hop! Today is the day when we tumble down the rabbit's hole and hop after the White Rabbit. The rabbit hops from blog to blog, from country to country all around the cyber scrapbooking world! If you just happened upon this, you may have noticed that I am posting one day early. Not to worry - simply bookmark this post and swing back by tomorrow for all of the "live" links that you can hop along with:

Minna Enqvist
Christin Grønnslet

And, if you are here tomorrow, then it's today and well.. happy hopping!

Now that you are thoroughly confused... Let's have some fun!

Riikka, the lovely lady behind this fun hoppin' time... asked us all to include a clock in our projects. 

Interesting.... right? I am not one to gravitate towards time pieces for imagery or for my embellishments. But, I LOVE me a challenge. So, let's do this!

To start out with, I grabbed my Tim Holtz clock embossing folder and jazzed up some kraft glassine and some acetate. And, some little foam hearts from the dollar store get glittered and glossed up too...

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with how beautifully this acetate embossed up! I know I can do something fun with that!

And yes! I can :)
Here we have my hearts all dry and inked around the edges, Some glassine that was gessoed and misted and fussy cut, and let's not forget the acetate clocks all decked out in alcohol ink.

When I first started thinking about "time" and what I could scrap for that, my mind went to the obvious seasons and spring and such. That led me to this SMASH page from the 365 journal. But, I just can't wrap my brain around that theme to the point of being excited about it. 
So, after staring at this paper for way too long, I realized that I could try cutting up the letters and spelling something else...

Like... "My Now."
That can certainly work with all of my litte clocks. After all, my life right now is very full of fun and chaos. But, this time is fleeting and I like the idea of documenting my "now."

So, with a background all stamped up, photos cut, and my embellishments at the ready...

I start layering up,  all the while thinking of how I will create something completely aww inspiring and amazing...

Something you just can't wait to try...

And maybe I did. I w
as really jazzed about this layout. I even hung it up in my studio for a bit. And then, I downloaded the pictures of it to edit and get ready for this post... and well, I just didn't like it so much anymore. I am not even sure why. Does that ever happen to you?

At any rate... I sighed and said "oh well, I'll make it work" and went about editing the photos anyway.

Then, a few days later, I set about working on some more of my kits that I made for the crop I recently went to:

A little stenciling...

A little washi love:

Some paint and pen work to pull the title from my background paper:

And then it hit me! "Little Moments" That works with time! And, I just happened to have a few of my little clocks left and they just happen to work with the colors I have going on here...

And in that little moment, I decided that this would be my layout for this hop:

Full of glitter and clocks:

Not to mention, I like it better. It's more spontaneous, more free, more "me."
But then, I started to write this post and show you my process for making this layout. And, you know... I realized I was leaving out the whole story. The story that matters. The story about how sometimes you are challenged and you find it hard to think "beyond the theme." That sometimes our best work is when we aren't trying so hard. Or, when we don't have such a plan.

So, I want to encourage you today to start a "no pressure" project. No plan. No worries. Just craft, play, and see what happens. It might end up being your favorite project that you didn't even see coming! I would love to see what you create. Please come back and leave a link in your comment, if you choose to upload your no-plans project to your blog or online gallery :)

But, before you get crafty, please hop along and remember to leave a comment at every stage! That way you ensure as many tickets for the raffle as possible. You'll have just a week to participate (to April 8th at noon GMT) for the giveaway compiled from awesome companies like: 7 Dots Studio, BadgesFolie, Garn and Mehr, Stromsvigt, and Wycinanka.
Have fun! Thanks for hopping by!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Layout Love Linky - March 2013

March is just a few hours from being past and that means it's time for another Layout Love Linky!

So, if you have been hanging around The Purple Mailbox for a bit, then you know what this is all about so... feel free to scroll on down and get the party started!
But, if you are new here and have no idea what this LLL is that I speak of...

Read on...

LLL is a bit like a virtual craft club... A show and tell of sorts.
We all (well, most of us) upload our projects to online galleries and/or blog about them.
But, they do tend to get lost in the shuffle sometimes, don't they?

One of my favorite parts of blogging is the sense of community within the scrapbooking world. I love this network of sharing ideas and inspiration, documenting our successes and failures, and commiserating with one another through our hobby.

One of the best ways to get to know a crafter is through what she is most proud of, yes?

Perhaps you did that one layout that just blew your socks off and you can't stop smiling at it.
Or maybe you tried something new and your project survived the process!
What if you only had time to scrapbook 1 page last month, but that is 1 more than usual?

So, you uploaded said project to an online gallery, or your blog, or both. And then....
Not much happened?

That doesn't mean anything, really!
There are SO many scrappers sharing their work every minute of the day.
This really is a great thing.
A good "problem" to have.
But, there are only so many hours in a day and well, things just get lost in the shuffle of cyberspace.

What am I getting at here?

It's show and tell time, that's what!!!!

THAT is the heart and soul behind Layout Love Linky.

Sharing, inspiring, learning, and growing our little scrappy cyberspace community. I just love it when I click on a link-up to leave some love and I see a comment that says, "I came over here from Layout Love and really enjoyed your layout!"

See? A virtual craft club!

Every month, a winner is drawn at random and will receive a fun scrappy prize and a little tag made by yours truly :)

Now, let's get this party under way! Here are some of my unblogged layouts:
This month I put all of my new CHA goodies to use and scrapped through some "kits" I made:

As usual, many of these layouts were done for various challenges, classes, or sketches. You can click on "soapHOUSEscraps" over there in the right to view my online gallery for all the details on each layout.

We had a beautiful group of link-ups! LOVE IT! I do hope you remembered to stop by everyone's blogs and leave lots of comment love. And, if not... be sure to check them out! 

REMEMBER... That is what makes this a "virtual craft club!"
I want to give a special shout-out to some first time linker-uppers! So glad to have you all and I hope you got some good comment love :) So...

Who is our lucky winner from the above group of awesomeness? Michelle, thats who! Check out her gorgeous layout! 

I just love the explosion of color. Michelle, I couldn't find an email for you, so please email me: so I can get your info and send you these goodies:


So, now it's your turn.
Anything goes here!
Layouts, cards, altered art, art journals, mini books.
If you love it and want to show it off to a few more like-minded crafty peeps, link-it-up!

Oh yeah, and if you want to be entered into the giveaway, all you have to do is be sure to mention in your post or gallery entry that you are linking up here.
Also, please link up the direct URL to your post so that when people click the thumbnail to view your fabulousness, they can find it.
That's it!
Easy peasy!

What's the prize for the next winner? It's a surprise. But I have a feeling it will be lovely!

Oh, yeah - don't forget to check back all month long to leave comment love for our scrappy friends. Remember, just click the Layout Love Linky button up there on the right hand side bar and it will take you right to this month's post!

And if you tweet or share on Instagram, use #LLL for all things Layout Love :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Laugh More & Smile...

The month is almost over and I haven't shown you our Layout Love Linky Tag! Oh no! Why not? Because I am showing it over at the lovely Christina's Blog :)
I am also sharing what the other part of the giveaway will be for #LLL.
I do hope you will head on over and check it out
Thanks again for having me, Christina!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wherever You Go...

There You Are! 
Yep... it's so silly and so true!

This week at Simon Says Stamp and Show, it's all about quotes.

From your favorite movie lines to a sentiment on a stamp you keep meaning to use more, an inspirational quote to something a family member is always saying - this week we challenge you to use a quote in your craft project!

And remember...

You could even win a $50 shopping spree from Simon Says Stamp!
One lucky winner is drawn at random each week from all of our entries.

Now, back to my silly quote. This is something my dad has always said. He claims he heard it once from a comedian, but for me.. it will always be "his."

So, "Wherever You Go, There You Are." And since you are here, I thought we ought to do some scrapping!

To get started, I have grabbed some Studio Calico goodness, specifically from the Abroad Collection since this is sorta kinda travel themed, and a lovely sheet from the SMASH 365 book:
Speaking of travel themed... 
I have had this paper for a bit now and just haven't gotten it used. Partly because we rarely go anywhere, but also because it is a bit dark. How about we try fussy cutting out some of the continents?
Ah yes! I like that layered up over my photo with this lovely watercolor bird. However, the wintery trees from the SMASH page are not going to work with this photo...
 Chop, chop! Better already!
I won't bore you with all picts of all the different placements and arrangements I tried next...
Let's just say it took me some time to figure out how to work in the bird amongst the maps. 
But, here we have it! Noticed, he ended up getting chopped in half once again:
And now for some Rub-Ons! I love these beautiful gold feathers from Jenni Bowlin. And since I already have a bird on this page, I am going for it!
 Oooooh yes! Pretty!
 Now for some layered up hearts...
Title time, which will be the quote itself. 
I LOVE these Thickers. Yes, I have two packs. Yes, I will order more.
Alrighty! I have this all spaced out, but now I remember I wanted to try a little scribbling under the title to add a bit of texture. Whoops. Off come the letters...
And I just scribble out my quote over and over again using a fine tip pen:
 Ah yes! Love the added texture of that!
 Now, just a few more finishing touches:
Working that birdie in was worth it! I just love him all layered up with the hearts and photo!
And there we go! Because here we are... 
Or something like that.
Now it's your turn! Who will you quote this week? I can't wait to see. Remember to link-up with us for your chance to win.

One more thing before you go...
A complete supply list is below (affiliate links used):

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